Terms and Conditions

KG Models & Promotions Agency Terms and Conditions

In the following terms and conditions of business the following definitions apply:
The Client: Any company, firm or person engaging the services of The Company to provide modelling or promotions services
The Model: Any person supplied to the client in order to provide photographic, promotional or other such duties to the Client as agreed at the time of booking
The Booking (or Assignment): Any assignment requiring the services of The Model

1. Daily/hourly rate

Booking fees are charged by the hour or by the day or by the half day or on some other basis as agreed in writing for example a set fee for a catwalk show or promotion.

2. Overtime

Overtime rates apply before 7am or after 6pm and on all bookings over 8 hours.

3. Location Bookings

When a location booking is made the client must provide the transport to and from the assignment location unless alternative travel arrangements are agreed by all parties.

4. Additional Fees

All and any additional fees are to be agreed at the time booking is made. The agent reserves the right not to negotiate in relation to any additional usage other than that agreed at the time of the booking.

5. Other Services

Additional fees are also payable for other services to be supplied by the model for example for extra personal appearances for public relations purposes. Fees for such services will be negotiated on an individual basis.

6. All Bookings

The agency charges fees on all hourly daily or overtime rates and all fees for the right to use and all fees negotiated for any other service to be supplied by the model. Any client, who has been introduced to a model by the agent and subsequently books the model direct or via another agency, will automatically incur an introductory fee of £500. Clients need to be aware that models who leave the agent are liable to a 20% agent fee for all bookings fulfilled with the client whom the agent introduced them too for the period of 12 months from the first booking outside the models contract. Clients who continue to re-book models no longer with the agency are bound by this unless otherwise agreed in writing.

7. Invoicing

Payment terms are strictly 30 days from of date of invoice unless otherwise stated. The client agrees to supply full and accurate billing information at the time of the booking and this shall include but not be limited to providing a named contact to whom invoices should be sent and to providing an official order number if required. On bookings involving more than two models for one event a 20% deposit maybe required 14 days before the event.Any late payment will be chargeable at the rate of 25%

The client agrees that these terms of business supersede any terms contained within the client’s official payment terms that may contradict the payment terms of the agency.

8. Provisional Bookings

Provisional bookings will automatically be cancelled if they are not confirmed within 24 hours of the proposed booking or if a definite booking is offered and the provisional booking cannot be confirmed.

9. Cancellations

If a booking is cancelled within one working day of the starting time of the assignment the full fee will be charged, unless the same model is booked within 24 hours in which case the half booking fee will be charged. For bookings of more than three days duration if the booking is cancelled within a period equal to the length of the booking then the full fee is charged. Saturday Sunday and Bank Holidays are excluded from these calculations. This is a reciprocal arrangement between model and client.

10. Meals

Clients are responsible for providing all our models’ light meals and soft drinks for bookings over three hours

11. Insurance

It is the client’s responsibility to carry out a risk assessment of the location equipment and the work conditions. Any risk to Health and Safety known to the client must be discussed with the model’s agent at the time of the booking. The client is responsible for the models’ safety when the model is providing services in connection with the booking. The client is obliged to make sure that all other people engaged in connection with the booking and associated travelling are properly qualified and insured. The client is responsible for the models’ health and safety as if the model were an employee of the client. The client will maintain adequate cover to underwrite its obligations to the model.

The agent is not responsible if the model fails to attend any booking. The client is advised to insure against any losses which might be suffered if the model does not keep a booking due to ill health or any other unforeseen circumstance.

12. Contract

All matters relating to the use of the models’ image any other services supplied by the model and all fees must be negotiated and agreed only with the agent Kelly’s Glamour Models management. If the client, photographer or any other persons connected with them obtains the models’ signature on any document or the models’ purported agreement to anything that is not binding on the model or the agent unless and until it is agreed in writing by the agent.

13. Cookies

Kellys-glamour-models agency uses cookies according to the new Electronic Communications Act, which came into force on 25 July 2003. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer that contains information that helps the website to identify and track the visitor. Cookies do no harm to your computer, consist only of text, can not contain viruses and occupies virtually no space on your hard drive. There are two types of cookies: “Session Cookies” and cookies that are saved permanently on your computer.

The cookie commonly used is “Session Cookies”. During the time you visit the website, our web server assigns your browser a unique identifier string so as not to confuse you with other visitors. A “Session Cookie” is never stored permanently on your computer and disappears when you close your browser. To use kellys-glamour-models agency without troubles you need to have cookies enabled.

14. Complaint

Any cause for complaint should be reported when it arises complaints cannot be considered in retrospect.


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